GAB – another extreme in extreme society

The GAB social network – which has attracted a record number of new users in a short period, wants, as their CEO Andrew Torba says – to give everyone complete freedom of speech.
A few years ago, GAB was the target of many media that declared them Nazis, white supremacists, racists, etc.
Common derogatory names for anyone who thinks differently. But is that so?
When we criticize one side, we should always take pure facts as the only relevant ones.
As Twitter has been shutting down specific accounts lately, it is diminishing the number of followers of certain politicians and conservatives – we needed to clarify facts.

Deprivation of the right to speak – if that speech does not call for violence – is a bad thing.
But what is also dangerous is to act one thing and do another.
GAB is promoted as a media that supports different opinions and there is nothing wrong with that. However, they are also promoted as a conservative (by American principles) site that favors Christian and religious values.
This is fine too.
But the latest post, which is deleted now, shows that the GAB is media that is also extreme, and not only that – shows how they present themselves falsely.

In one post (see picture), GAB representatives published a photo of the book “Revolt against the Modern world” by Julius Evola.
What is in dispute here?

Julius Evola.

Julius Evola was born in Rome on May 19, 1898, into a noble Sicilian family. As the main representative of the spiritual and esoteric tradition, he left behind a work, which is accompanied by a series of books on Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga, and Eastern philosophy in general.
Julius Evola was one of the most recognized fascists (should be distinguished from the Nazis) philosophers. An occultist who ostensibly advocated traditionalism but was a supporter of both paganism and esotericism.

His doctrine and teachings influenced the perversion of the Third Reich as he disagreed with Musloni.
Evola not only declared himself a fascist – but a super fascist.

Evola believed that the white race was superior to the others, that the woman was a lower being subordinate to the man, and that the Jews were the corrosion of society.
Alt-right in Evol found a role model as he tried to explain the racial and other differences that are the main foundation of human identity.

Although it cannot be established that Evola supported the actions of the Third Reich, his thought influenced the political top of the Nazis – with whom, more precisely with Heinrich Himmler – he had contacts.

GAB, as a network that attracts people who are denied access to Twitter and other social media platforms. They tried to promote itself as a neutral domain that is open to all.

Then we saw Andrew Torba, owner, write that he is a Christian.
But with this latest post, we learned that this is a site that supports the Alt-right movement and nothing else.

No, I’m not saying that all the people out there are proponents of the above, but GAB is not a place of neutrality and moderation.

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  1. I was on Gab for nearly two years. Each day I had to block more and more bigots of every kind. Then there were the thousands of memes, mostly extreme and making false statements. Yet people were reposting them, and at the same time cutting down the media as ‘fake news.’ When Torba let us all know he is a Christian, I wondered how a Christian could equate providing a platform for bigotry, with following Christ. In the end I posted a comment: “Gab has become the septic tank of social media.” I’m glad to be away from it. Freedom of speech is great but people need to moderate their own speech, and also check memes for truth before reposting. That is not done.


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